PMA Products

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PU 100Intelligent PLC module with I O
PU 102-xPLC module with I O and seriel interfaces
PU 103-xPLC module with 4 seriel interfaces
PU 104-xIntelligent PLC module with I O and ethernet interface
PU 105-xProgrammable CAN Ethernet Gateway
DC 150-xPLC module with I O and seriel interfaces
IO 100I O extension
IO 300-xExtension module with analogue I O
IO 100-CRemote I O extension module
IO 101-CRemote I O extension module
MC 100-xIntelligent CAN-bus Servo-Controller
KS 800Multiple temperature controller
KS 816Multiple Transmitter Multiple temperature controller
AD 100 + accessoriesE-Bus CAN Adapter
CP1131Programming environment for P-open CPUs
Special ThermocoupleThermocouple type L (DIN)
Mineral-insulated thermocoupleSingle and double sensor
Resistance thermometerwith protection tube to DIN
Special RTDPt 100
Resistance Thermometerfor Air conditioning and Facility management
Mineral-insulated RTDSingle and double sensor
Heating Current TransducersVarious transducers for KSvario, KS800, KS40 ...
RT-FlexHead Transmitter for Pt 100, programmable
UNIFLEX Tiso TisexProgrammable head transmitter
UNIFLEX Riso RisexProgrammable Two-wire Transmitter
UNIFLEX ConverterProgrammer for Two-Wire Transmitters
UNIFLEX CI 45Universal transmitter with display, programmable
Transmitter for HumidityTwo wire technology
UNIFLEX SG45Transmitter for load cells melt pressure
ET UniflexEngineering Tool
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